F Datacenter Data Collector & Tile Builder
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    Data Center tile builder

    Build-A-Cab is an App created to organize, manage and audit your racks. If you are a Big Company, a Data Center or just an organized user this tool can provide you all the information you need.

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    Build A Cab.
    Data Center data collector

    Easy to create, edit, manage and audit all the rack contents of your Data Center. A simple drag & drop concept and QR reader for your products, allows you to create complete racks quickly.

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    Build A Cab.
    Powerful Back Office

    Complete Back Office to get absolute control of your Data Center. Total Utilization, Total Density, Rooms, Tiles and Room maps from all your sites. Dump all the data from the app in CSV, Excel or PDF format. Get your Data Center Big Data here!

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Build-A-Cab Features

WEI’s Build-A-Cab application allows for accurate assessments of data center capacity with real-time utilization numbers. The application allows a user to visually inventory a data center by tracking all of the details for the hardware in a data center cabinet from any device. This data can automatically feed into any DCIM solution, and the application’s robust reporting interface allows data center managers to quickly make business decisions regarding the data centers company-wide.

Build-A-Cab is a complete platform based on a Android Tablet App and DAshboard Panel which allows you to create, manage, audit and report about all your racks in a Data Center or closet. With this App you will be able to create and audit all your rack contents really quickly with an easy Drag & Drop system and also QR Reader capabilities in order to include all your products in a rack or empty spaces in just seconds.
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Online and Offline capabilities. You can also use it without an internet or online connection. Once an internet or online connection is available, all the data is synchronized.

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You can create and audit all your Rack contents by just dragging and dropping elements into your tile. Create your Big Data fast, easy and simple.

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With Build A Cab you can have full control and inventory of all the racks you have in your Company. You can try our lite version with up to 3 tiles or racks now!.

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From a Lite and free version (3 Tiles/Racks) to whatever you need. If you are a large or small Company we have the right plan adapted to your needs.

Multi-platform and Responsive system

All the data you gather from the Data Collector App, will be updated in the Back Office's Dashboard where you can control your room map, get reports, check space utilized, discover under used racks, check audits, examine records from each tile / rack...

  • Build A Cab Back Office

    User or admin access

  • Build A Cab data collector app

    Monitor your entire tile/rack use from a Dashboard

  • Build A Cab back office data dump

    Export Data in CSV, XLS or PDF formats

  • Build A Cab room map

    Review a map from a Room and check each tile/rack.

  • Build A Cab historic from tiles

    Rack timeline Inspector

Desktop Back Office Access

Check your Data Center or Closet in real time from the admin panel, take and make the right decisions about your Company’s racks. Control all your racks and hardware from an single place and get or export your most important reports.

You can access our Back Office and Android app Demo with your credentials.

please request your own filling the form

Data Collector Tablet App supported

The tool is designed to be used on an Android Tablet. You only need your Tablet and the App. Remember, you can also use it offline and later it will synchronize once online or using allways connected. Feel free to request an auth account to use the service.

Build A Cab make a big effort picking all the Data from your Datacenter .The advanced "SmartItTag" concept allows you to create the block into the RAck and assign all the attributes with a single read of a Datamatrix.

  • Build A Cab create your data center racks


  • Build A Cab modify each item from your racks


  • Build A Cab audit mode to control changes

    Configure Global Settings

Got Questions? Good, because we've got answers.

You can write or send us an email, but probably these FAQs can help you get started!

 How can I try Build-A-Cab?

You can ask for an testing account by filling the form with a valid Company email account. We do not accept generic accounts (gmail, yahoo, msn, outlook or hotmail). We will then send you a Test Flight valid access and then you can install the app on the fly. Remember Build-A-Cab is a powerful tool to get all your Data Cencer data mining.

 Is payment recurring?

Depends on your Build-A-Cab version. If you continue with the Lite version, it will be free. If you need to upgrade, no problem; we have a solution and the right license for you and your Company. Even with Lite version you can collet all your Big Data.

 Where is my data?

The data you are updating during testing is being saved in the cloud. All the data is yours, private and online. The free version is located in a generic shared cloud server. Paid versions have their own Cloud Dedicated Server on premise or off premise. Your Big Data is safe with us.

 How secure is my data?

The data you update in the system from Build-A-Cab data collector is completely sucure. You need an authorized account to log into the platform in both systems (Tablet and Back Office). The data syncronized from the Tablet is hosted in a secure Server created exclusively for you and your Company.

 Is there a trial period?

We are looking for some testers in order to get additional input. If you ask for a free account, you will get your FREE and limited (up to 3 Tiles/Rack) version forever. You will be charged if you decide to upgrade from the Lite license to any other Build-A-Cab license.

 Who is behind BAC?

WEI is the Company which developed, updates and supports Build-A-Cab (BAC). Over the last 25 years business priorities have changed as often as technology has, but WEI’s commitment to customer service has remained consistent throughout. Focus on the unique challenges of individual organizations has guided WEI to a leadership position in the IT community. Hundreds of collaborations with the finest small, medium, and large companies in America has created a breadth of experience that enhances WEI’s ability to adapt and design custom solutions.


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